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The Green Slime
The Green Slime

The best car on Earth!

This page is dedicated to the best car in the world, my 1965 Ford Fairlane 500 Hardtop.  This is a daily driver and my school car.  It has survived two years of high school and has one more to go until my dad and I restore it.  My dad bought it in 1970 in Wisconsin from a coworker at the Country Kitchen.  It was his high school car and later his college car at the University of Wisconsin.  After graduating from college in 1977, my dad let it sit in a field where it endured rain, snow, racoons, hobos, and anything else that happens in a field until 1984 when my grandma got it in running and sent it down to Ohio where my dad was living.  It then sat in a barn at my grandpa's farm until 2000.  During that time, dad and I would take it out for a spin around the farm every once and a while, checking up on my dad's beehive and driving down to look at the Scioto river.  The motor gradually got worse until dad was lucky if he could keep it running for 15 minutes.  In 2000, I came up with the wise idea of fixing the car up and making it my high school car.  After much persuasion, dad got a brand new 289 for $2000 from Ross Auto Parts and revived the Green Slime to its former glory.  During the last two years, we have made countless improvements on the car including a new trunk floor, shifter, dual exhaust from Top Quality Auto Parts, chrome rims also from Top Quality, and bumpers.  I try to take it around to car shows but I don't win very much because the paint job is 20 years old and is starting to look pretty bad.  I recently purchased new seat covers and intend to re-cover the seats in Spring. 

Fairlane Links

Anybody who has anything to do with the 65 fairlane knows about Sam Wilson. Mr. Wilson is like the ultimate 65 Fairlane God in my eyes. He has restored over 120 1965 Ford Fairlanes. He lives in Delaware and runs a go-kart track by the name of Fairlane Acres. Here is his website.

This is the website for the Fairlane Club of America in which your's truely is a member.

Brendan McGarry's 65 Fairlane (restoration in progress) Good pics, info. hugemondous forum and thousands upon thousands of links to websites about cars. A good portal to the rest of the car community!




These first three were taken fall of 71 about a year after my dad bought it for $250.


College years. Mid 70's


Early 80's. This is what a couple of winters in Wisconsin will do to your car!


Summer of 82.


Dad and I summer '00.


At a car show last July

This pic and following pics were taken this summer.





This is the rusted piece of frame that is currently keeping Green Slime grounded.

This is the piece we ordered from Arizona to replace Green Slime's bad frame rail

For those who want to contact me to talk about cars, music, or life in general, my email is