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Seve's Page of Stuff
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NEW!!!! Band, Animals, etc

Tremble in the presence of the mighty Afro Ken!

Playing t-bone in the 110! I'm the one in the center.



Rocking the house at CHS's last blast


Sometimes, Afro Ken likes to think he's a cowboy and ride our pet guinea pig.

He often falls off though.

Here is our really stupid kitty, Mary. Mary is a lot fatter now but she is still stupid


Here is our two year old golden retriever, Max.  Even though he is two years old, Max is still very hyper.  He is such a dumb dog but he is a good friend.

This is our extremely lazy cat, Rex laying in his favorite spot on the couch by the window

lazy, lazy, lazy

Okay, time for a cat update.  I am sad to report that Rex has ran away.  Mary is still stupid and now she is very fat.  She still can't figure out how to use the litter box either.   However, we now have a new kitten named Lisa.  Lisa is very playful and likes to pretend she's like Max.  She chases Mary all over the house which is good because it means that at least Mary gets some exercise.  Below is a depiction of a rare ocassion where Lisa is actually sitting still.